Christian Armani Ladies & Gents Tailors started over 25 years ago as a small home-grown family tailoring business. Little did we realise that within a couple of years, it would expand into an internationally renowned brand offering value-for-money, custom clothing.


We stand apart from all the rest as our workmanship is carefully monitored at every step of the assembly, right from cutting until the finished handwork process. With experienced tailors and a wide variety of fabrics from all over the world, you are assured of getting satisfaction from the clothes ordered.



At Christian Armani Tailors, we take our work as an art. This is why, beginning from the world class fabrics and finest trimmings, all the way to the expert finishing and perfect proportions, every piece you order is completed with meticulous attention to every minute detail. And not just quality clothing, we pride ourselves on personal, quality service that will make a difference to your shopping experience altogether.




We carry only the very best materials from all over the world. Be it cashmere for a jacket, silk for a dress, or even cotton for a shirt, we stock every type of fabric to suit your every clothing need.




Individual measurements will be taken to ensure the perfect fit for each article of clothing. Each garment will be cut, tailored and assembled according to your personal indication with our tailoring team’s expert touch.




Local delivery will be made within 2 days of ordering while international orders are processed within 1 week, but in the event that you require it sooner, simply say the word and we will do our utmost to ensure that we manage your request.




In the case that your clothing needs to be altered, we request that the exact changes made are sent to us, in order to update your information for future reference.

Have an idea? We’re here to help on your creation